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Thank you for taking the time to talk with us regarding the great deals that we have for building a professional website for your company!

Team WebOriginate brings together a talented and experienced team of specialists in web technologies, designers, programmers and content writers, working together to create appealing and informative websites for your business. We specialise in rapidly setting up your company’s online presence, providing essential information to your existing and future customers and increasing your visibility in today’s competitive market.

With the talent to create attractive designs and support you with professionally written content, our team goes the extra mile by holding your hand every step of the way !

Why WebOriginate?

We pride ourselves on understanding the whole process of establishing your business online faster, allowing you to do what you do best, run your business !!

Where we differ from most is we offer the services of a content writer included in your package cost, for a limited time. We will contact you post-sale to understand your exact requirements, help you to write your whole website content, if need be, and be there to hold your hand at every step of your business website’s development. They will then meet the design team on your behalf and ensure the smooth completion of your website, in incredibly quick time!

Recently Designed Websites

Original Design Layout

Original Template
Original Design Layout

Original Template
Original Design Layout

Original Template

Bodywork by Dan

Bodywork by Dan
Scent of a Fleur

Scent of a Fleur
Creations Hair Design

Creations Hair Design

(To view more before and after examples, please visit : http://www.weboriginate.co.nz/testimonials)

Having a dynamic information-based website specifically designed to suit your business comes at an amazingly low price. With wide ranging expertise in web technologies, our experienced team at WebOriginate will assist you at every step of the website development process from domain registration, assisting you with design layout choices, to web design and also hosting your website online. Owning your company website is now very affordable, simple and achievable in a very short space of time.

WebOriginate offers
WebOriginate offers

(Step 1) Choose a Domain name.

A domain name is your business website address, for example www.yourbusinessname.co.nz or www.yourchoice.co.nz, you can select from; .co.nz, .net.au, .org.au., biz, .info, .com, .org and .net
Our Domain Checker at http://www.weboriginate.co.nz/domains makes it easy to find suitable website addresses in seconds!

(Step 2) Choose your Website Design Layout.

A design layout is a pre-designed pattern that includes all the styles and elements a website needs to have. On our website, you will find thousands of professionally-designed layout for various business categories. Our design layout section at http://www.weboriginate.co.nz/design-layout makes it easy to find a design that will suit your needs. All you need to do is shortlist 4 or 5 design layouts you like, note down their reference numbers and have them handy for consultation at the next stage.

Please Note: Any design layout can be altered to suit your requirements and you can choose a design layout from any of the business categories. They need not be related to your business category.

(Step 3) Consultation with Professional Web Developer & Content Writer.

You can discuss your requirements with our professional team during this consultation. We will help you choose the design layout from your short listed ones and our team will then work closely with you to clearly comprehend and study all your specifications related to design, content, your product, services and marketing plan.

Where we differ from most is we offer the services of professional content writers, who will contact you post-sale to understand your exact requirements. We help you develop your website content and will be there to hold your hand at every step of the way.

To make it simple and easy, we will provide you with a content form to fill out, which takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. Simply place your content into this format, as well as your company logo and a brief write-up about your team and your company. In most cases, by providing us with any recent brochures, profiles, photos you’ve done for your business with contact information, that is enough for our talented developers to produce a professional website for your business.

You can change your website anytime right from your desktop!

Should your business website require numerous changes to the content throughout the year, we suggest you take our Content Management System (CMS). It’s simple to use and allows you to make unlimited changes 24/7 to your website from the comfort of your own computer!

Included in the $599 plus gst package is the set-up fee for the CMS. Should you want to make unlimited changes to your website content, you can do by simply activating the CMS for a one-time fee of $150.

Our sales team will explain this in detail when they call back.

(Step 4) Review your Website.

Once you finalise your design & content, within 14 working days, your website will be ready for a trial review. During this stage, you can request any small changes and we will incorporate the suggestions. My content writer will guide you through the steps of choosing keywords that will turn your website into a powerful marketing tool 24/7 on around 40 search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing.


We will then deal with the links, inner pages, functionality and content with keywords so as to optimise your website to appear on the higher ranks of Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines. Also we’ll set you up with up to 5 email addresses to give your business a professional look (e.g. info@yourbusinessname.co.nz). You can easily receive and send your business emails right from your desktop email programme such as Outlook or Mail.

The wait is finally over for your business to open up all the opportunities on the World Wide Web. Within 14 working days of finalising the draft, you can go on-line and check whether everything is just as you wanted.

WebOriginate offers

WebOriginate offers
Barrie Livingston

It really is quite simple, WebOriginate is taking a mid to long-term view on this. Assuming we develop your business a sensational new website that does everything we say it will, and host it well for you over the next 12 months, you’ll stay with us for your e-mail accounts, your domain name re-registration, your hosting and possibly even your content management system.

We’re presently developing over 50 new business websites per week for businesses all over New Zealand, that’s over 2500 every year! If we can keep 90% of them on board with WebOriginate (and there is no obligation to do so), we think it will create a win/win for all parties concerned.

Our Other Offers:

Our Web Expert will give you a call back in a couple of days to answer any further questions you may have. In the meantime, if you have any queries, you can call WebOriginate on 06 929 9433 (Mon- Sat from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm) and we will assist you further in expanding your potential market.

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